Audi – Flexible, Confident and Clear

The new simplified logo that Audi launched came in alignment with the current trends. While 3D gains popularity and game design and web design, the branding community goes to simplification, leaving the words to speak more than images.

With the facelift for SQ8 e-tron, Audi launches a new simplified black-and white logo and a new typeface called Audi Type. The old chrome rings are replaced by black and white rings that appear first on the new SQ8 e-tron. The justification behind this is that Audi wanted the rings to look the same in all mediums, in the press as well as on the cars.

In the recent press release, André Georgi, Head Of Design, says “The purist approach is more in line with our philosophy. One readily apparent thing: Strong brands win over customers primarily through their products underlying substance and discreet identifying elements. At Audi, this has always been the case, and we’re now making it even more consistent. Our philosophy is that every detail must convey a meaning or serve a purpose. On the product, it is – above all, our four rings, unmissable on the front and rear of every Audi model, that make an Audi an Audi. We want our quality to speak through the design and the product itself. The new two-dimensional look gives our rings a significantly more modern and even more graphic makeover, although their geometry is almost identical to the former ones.”

Images copyright: AUDI AG

Source: Audi Media Center

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