Crossware announced a global rebranding and website launch

Crossware, world-leading email signature solution for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange and HCL Domino, yesterday announced a corporate rebrand and launch. The timing of the recent corporate branding transformation aligns with the organisation’s desire to breathe a new sense of purpose and passion, bolstering employees and signalling to the world that this is a company prepared to evolve.

The company has its headquarters in Auckland, the City of Sails. Today, Crossware Mail Signature has over a million users across 80 countries.

So, even tough you maybe never heard of this company, it might be that you used their services at one point, or you talked to someone who used their services.

A single bold cross in red and orange adjacent to the company name reflects the drive and energy. We believe the fresh colours pop and will draw the attention of a global audience. The new branding will be rolled out worldwide and incorporates a new website – The website redesign will provide an enhanced customer experience in multiple languages beginning with German, Spanish and Arabic.

“With new prospects arising from our aggressive digital acquisition strategies, Crossware expects to see a huge growth as global-wide companies adopt centralised email signatures and our branding becomes more recognised throughout the world,” said Managing Director, Troy Adams.

We must admit, the website looks great, very modern, and easy to use. We’re just wondering what’s going to happen with their mascots. Will they receive a make-over, or it’s the end of the road for them?

Old logo and superheroes / Crossware Website

Find out more about the company following their press release on the Crossware Website.

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