Designhouse (UK) parteners with Reboot to design the new visual identity

Designhouse (UK) parteners with Reboot to design the new visual identity – a colorful, positive identity, that will hopefully bring attention to the lack of equality in the workforce.

Reboot was formed by a group of influential senior communication and marketing professionals. Their mission is to educate and provide a platform for business leaders to create a more diverse, inclusive workplace. They aim to raise visibility of challenges faced by ethnic minority employees within the financial services sector and through the power of storytelling. 

Reboot leverages research such as its flagship Race to Equality report to highlight trends around discrimination in the UK workplace. Using these findings, alongside collaborating with other diversity and inclusion campaigners, Reboot pushes for progressive change on racial equality in the financial services industry.

Designhouse were excited to support this important initiative, and partnered with Reboot on a pro-bono basis to create this vibrant new identity. The brand mark symbolises positive change, with a punchy strapline containing a clear call to action ‘It’s time to switch the narrative.’ Designhouse’s aim with these strategic design choices was to motivate involvement and interest from business leaders to lend their support by getting actively involved.

Find out more on Designhouse website.

Source – Marketing Communication News

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