Formula 1 targets carbon neutral racing by 2030

In November 2019, F1 announced its plan to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030. Yesterday, F1 provided an update on progress towards that goal.

Development of a 100% sustainable fuel, slashing the use of single-use plastics and reviewing travel and freight logistics – these are just some of the things Formula 1 as a sport is working on as part of its commitment to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030…

Three years ago, as part of a wider sustainability strategy, F1 set ambitious targets and have since been working with the 10 teams, race promoters, partners, suppliers, broadcasters and the FIA to reduce the sport’s carbon footprint.

Already F1 has reduced its carbon footprint through remote broadcast operations, which has enabled the company to reduce freight, while redesigned freight containers mean more efficient aircraft can be used to transport the equipment.

F1 offices are now using 100% renewable energy, with the company earning the highest sustainability management accreditation awarded by the FIA.

The company intents to introduce by 2026 100% sustainable fuel to power the next-generation hybrid engines in F1.

To learn more about the steps already taken in reducing their carbon footprint and what it still is to come in the future, visit F1 website.

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