Lemon8 takes over the world

For those of you that are sick of Pinterest, Instagram and other social platforms, the future is bright.

ByteDance app that intents to be Instagram’s direct competitor, is growing bigger and bigger.

Lemon8 is a social media application designed for sharing videos and photos. Unlike TikTok, it doesn’t facilitate vertical video scrolling. Moreover, Lemon8 users usually create content based on a particular subject matter. The app is known for featuring trending topics such as fashion, beauty, food, wellness, and travel, and provides suggestions, recommendations, get-ready-with-me videos, as well as meticulously curated, visually appealing content under each of these topics.

Image Credits: Lemon8

Available in the App Store, more and more users are choosing to create an account on Lemon8 and more and more influencers are struggling to get started in the new application that has recently taken off in the US and Europe.