LG Smiles Back to the World With Its New Brand Identity

Consumer electronics companies are struggleing to remain relevant and modern in a forever changing reality. As the Gen Z generation grows and invests in technology, LG tries and succedes to keep up with the market.

Last week, LG Electronics (LG) unveiled a new brand direction and visual identity, which will shed more light on the value of Life’s Good with a more dynamic and youthful look across all physical and digital customer touch points.  

Image sorce – LG

The South-Korean corporation was founded in 1947 and the two letters mean Lucky Goldstar. The current logo, featuring the L inside a G dates all the way back from 1995.

According to LG recent press release, LG’s new brand strategy not only strengthens the company’s unique identity, but signals its willingness and capacity to evolve with generations, along with its unmatched commitment to innovating customer experiences all around the globe. The company plans to utilize its one-of-a-kind brand asset at all customer contact points globally throughout the year.  

“Having a strong, consistent brand strategy enables us to better communicate our value proposition and unique identity, which harmonically blends innovation and warmth,” said William Cho, CEO of LG Electronics. “Implementing the new brand strategy, LG aims to become an iconic brand that resonates with consumers transcending generations and locations.”  

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Image sorce – LG