MetaAI is open-sourcing DINOv2 – training computer vision with self-supervised learning

Meta AI has announced the release of their new method for training high-performance computer vision models called DINOv2. This new approach delivers impressive results without the need for fine-tuning, making it ideal for a wide range of computer vision tasks. One of the key advantages of DINOv2 is its use of self-supervision, allowing it to learn from any collection of images. Additionally, this approach can learn features that the current standard method cannot, such as depth estimation. Meta AI is committed to sharing this groundbreaking technology with the world, and has made their model open source, along with an interactive demo for those interested in exploring its capabilities.

Try the demo.

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What is Self-supervised learning

The method of self-supervised learning, which is also used in the development of advanced large language models for text-related applications, is a highly effective and adaptable technique for training AI models. This is due to its ability to function without relying on vast quantities of labeled data. With the DINOv2 approach, models can be trained on any collection of images, without requiring any linked metadata. In essence, this means that the model can learn from all the images presented to it, rather than being restricted to only those that possess certain tags, alt text, or captions.