Star Union Spirits awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals for packaging design

Presented by the American Craft Spirits Association and CRAFT SPIRITS magazine—and sponsored by the Glass Packaging Institute—the Craft Spirits Packaging Awards celebrates excellence and creativity in the design of craft spirits labels and packaging.

To help celebrate the best in craft spirits labels and packaging, the American Craft Spirits Association and CRAFT SPIRITS magazine proudly presented the Craft Spirits Packaging Awards. The third annual competition, which celebrates excellence and creativity in the design of craft spirits labels and packaging, drew 130 entries from 80 companies. The awards were announced on Feb. 11, 2023, at ACSA’s 10th Annual Distillers’ Convention and Vendor Trade Show in Portland, Oregon.

Judging Criteria

Judging for the Craft Spirits Packaging Awards took place virtually in October, with an esteemed panel of judges evaluating each entry on the following criteria.

Aesthetics: How does the packaging appeal to you from a design/artistic perspective?

Innovation: How original is the design? Does it stand out on a shelf?

Emotional Appeal: How does the packaging make you feel? Does it connect with you?

Brand Communication: How well does the packaging tell the story of the brand/product through visual/design/copy elements?

The packages that rated highly on all of those criteria are the ones that connect with consumers and drive trial and sales, even when those consumers have not previously encountered the products. 

The 2022 Craft Spirits Packaging Awards awarded Star Union Spirits in Peru gold, silver and bronze medals in its annual packaging design competition.

The Star Union Spirits honored in the competition include a gold medal for the Single Barrel Immature Brandy, a silver medal for Navy Strength Dark Rum and a bronze medal for Rested Agave.

Star Union Spirits packaging was produced by designer and typographer Kevin Cantrell and copywriter and brand strategist Erik Attkisson of Satellite. Print production was by All American Label & Packaging, and the bottle supplier was Imperial Packaging for the Syngle Barrel Immature Brandy and Rested Agave and Berlin Packaging for Navy Strenght Dark Rum.

“The detail and artistry that goes into our bottle designs symbolize the craft and care that goes into each of our spirits,” Star Union Spirits co-founder Bob Windy said in a news release. “Excellence goes on, and into, every bottle.”

Article source – ShawLocal & AmericanCraftsSpirits

Images source – AmericanCraftsSpirits & StarUnionSpirit

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